Take Advantage of Decades of Experience With SM2 Fuel for Public Transit

Elevate your fuel management game and benefit from:


  • Automatic identification when the bus enters the service lane
  • Automatic capture of critical maintenance planning data directly from the engine 
  • Automatic fuel inventory management
  • Automatic notification of reorder  and leak alarms
  • Automatic e-mail of recurring reports
  • Virtual tablet terminal providing redundant access to fueling facilities
  • Graphical display of all activities with SM2's Dynamic Dashboards module
  • Custom exception handling with SM2 Advanced Notifications module
  • No dependence on a specific work station or a computer operating system
  • One data set to manage, one software to learn and maintain, single source responsibly for after sales technical support, hardware peripherals and software.
  • Supports your existing RFID cards
  • Supports both wireless and cabled installation
  • And so much more!

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