Bid Farewell to Data Cleansing Chores

MOre Affordable Than Telematics: Accurate Fleet

Data—No Recurring Per-Vehicle Fee

Automated engine data at a low cost: meet the SM2 Vehicle Data Unit

  • Eliminates manual data entry: the VDU captures data straight from the onboard computer:
    • Total mileage
    • Total engine hours
    • Distance travelled since a certain date
    • Engine hours since a certain date
    • Total fuel consumed
    • Fuel consumed since a certain date
    • Engine fault codes
  • Affordable: pay for each unit only once; there is no per-vehicle recurring fee attached to the VDU
  • Plug-and-play: installed in minutes, making deployment a breeze

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Coencorp Vehicle Data unit with hover shadow


Get Reliable Vehicle Data with a Rugged, Mature Product

  • Field-tested: with over 20 years of fine-tuning and thousands of installations, the VDU reliably captures data crucial to any maintenance program
  • Rugged build: mount it inside or outside the vehicle's the cabin
  • Supports all vehicle types: the VDU connects to any diagnostics port—and even to vehicles without one  

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Go the Extra Mile: Engine Data You Couldn't Capture Before

  • Idling data: adapt your maintenance plans based on each vehicle's idle times and different types of idling:
    • total idle time
    • total short idle (configurable)
    • total sleeper idle (configurable)
    • short idle time since a certain date
    • sleeper idle time since a certain date
  • Power Take-off  time (PTO): essential to the effective preventive maintenance of your PTO-powered compactors, pumps, or generators, is the accurate tracking your fleet's power take-offs, ie, their total operating hours.

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This is only the tip of the iceberg. SM2 is a unique multifunctional system that delivers end-to-end fleet management whether your operation spans just one, or hundreds of sites. Benefit from our fully integrated platform to manage:


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