Coencorp Fuel Management Solution For Small Fleets & Remote Operations

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 2-Feb-2021 12:01:03 PM

When it comes to fuel, remote working operations such as construction sites, open pit mines, commercial farming and logging operations create unique challenges for the fleet or operations manager. 

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Fleet Management - What is it and what you need to know.

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 19-Jan-2021 9:47:12 AM

Fleet management and the technology and best practices involved are developing and advancing at a rapid pace. In this blog about fleet management, we will cover several topics in depth:

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How it All Began - Not So Humble Beginnings

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 24-Feb-2020 7:35:26 AM

Most successful entrepreneurs can tell you stories of humble beginnings where their product and service development slowly eased into their targeted marketplace.  This is not necessarily so for the Tavassoli brothers and Coencorp.  Their beginnings were far from humble and they exploded onto the transit scene with one of the country's largest public transit companies.  Here is what happened.

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Dashboard, Not Dash-bored

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 21-Feb-2020 12:17:15 PM
Dynamic dashboard


Pretty much any modern software will have some kind of dashboard functionality, a way to visually present data that have been deemed relevant for you… by them! They typically also give you some means to filter and sort what you see. This is where SM2 is leaps and bounds ahead of the other guys.

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The Usual Suspects: Top 5 Fleet Mechanical Failures

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 13-Feb-2020 8:00:00 AM

Our highways are shared by private car drivers and commercial transportation truckers alike. This combination of driver skills and behaviors is an increasingly dangerous mix. Since 2015 there has been an increasing trend in highway fatality numbers. The recent U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report elaborates on the true meaning of one of the smaller statistical causes, mechanical failures. While the impact they indicate is anything but small, the good news is that it is far more preventable than currently practiced.

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Topics: fleet maintenance, preventive maintenance, safety, Mass Transit

Prevention Is No Accident: Preventing Incidents On The Road

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 27-Aug-2019 7:24:00 AM

Being in the business of helping companies manage their fleets efficiently has, over the years, brought us many exciting problems to solve. More and more companies are asking for tools that are predictive in nature, to help them see where they can cut losses before they happen. The best challenges and solutions go well beyond just fuel savings; they tackle their most important assets: human and physical resources.

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Commercial Vehicles : What's Causing All These Accidents?

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 8-Aug-2019 7:22:00 AM

One of the greatest benefits of being in the business of helping people manage their fleets is learning where the challenges are and focusing energy on finding solutions for them. Data plays a crucial role in effective fleet management. Not just having it, but being able to quickly and accurately collect it, then easily use it for the benefit of the company. Through 30 years of successfully consulting for mobile reliant industries, adapting modules to service specific industries, and growing services to fit the evolving needs fleet managers the world over, we’ve hopefully learned a few things on how to be helpful to them: It’s all about the data at your fingertips in your Fleet Management Software.

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Vehicle Maintenance and Safety: A Cautionary Tale

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 1-Aug-2019 6:56:00 AM

If you ever wondered how important road safety has become and why, you only need to spend a little time reading your local news for police reports. They can give you a lot of insights about what truck drivers face daily and how important properly maintained vehicles are to not only their health, but the health and safety of those who share the same roads. If you pay close attention, you will wonder when all these reports were written, because companies can’t possibly still be relying entirely on manual inspections and driver-initiated reporting. What about the technology: on-board computers, Vehicle Data Units, mobile telemetry systems, and integrated fleet management systems? How can so many companies have this technology, but still not use it?

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Fueling the Engine of Safety with Proper Maintenance

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 25-Jul-2019 7:44:00 AM

“An average of over 300,000 accidents involving large trucks occur annually” according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). Because of their tremendous size and weight, transport and tanker trucks cause more serious injury when involved in accidents. With the increased risk these vehicles pose to other motorists, the entire trucking industry is tightly regulated by law at several governmental levels. These regulations concern issues ranging from vehicle visibility and signage requirements to minimal standards for licensing the drivers, and most importantly, clear rules regarding truck maintenance and vehicle safety standards.

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Keep On Trucking... Safely

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 18-Jul-2019 7:07:00 AM
Ambulance Chasers with a Conscience

Did you know that Texas and California lead the USA in the number of fatal truck accidents each year? It’s not surprising that they also have the largest rural areas, and all their statistics indicate that is where most accidents occur. In Texas alone, more than 400 people are killed and 8,000 injured on average each year in trucking-related accidents. Law firms dominate the top SEO rankings with their statistics and advice for cutting back on the billions in losses incurred during injury lawsuits. And while some tug at the emotional or fear strings more than others, they are increasingly combining forces with vehicle manufacturers and fleet management leaders to offer preventive practices that keep their clients moving and growing. Almost unilaterally, you will see a similar statement following their terrifying statistics: “What makes these numbers tragic is that the majority of these accidents were avoidable.”

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