A Short Video on SM2 Fuel


Fuel Tank Management with SM2 Fuel
Automated Reports


Optional Vehicle Data Units (VDUs) To Automatically ID Vehicle At the Pump and Capture Engine Data for Maintenance Tracking




SM2 Fuel is an enterprise level fuel management software for fleets 


Fuel management has never been this advanced. Benefit from: 

  • Automatic vehicle identification upon fuel pump nozzle insertion inside the vehicle tank
  • Automatic fuel inventory management
  • Automatic notification of reorder  and leak alarms
  • Automatic monitoring of remote generators and engine status 
  • Automatic e-mail of recurring reports
  • Virtual tablet terminal providing redundant access to fueling facilities
  • Custom exception handling with SM2 Advanced Notifications module
  • Mobile fueling  for tanker trucks and pickup mounted day tanks
  • One data set to manage, one software to learn and maintain, single source responsibly for after sales technical support, hardware peripherals and software.
  • Supports your existing RFID cards
  • And so much more!