We're Not Cave People - Automation in Fleet Maintenance

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 13-Jun-2019 7:21:00 AM
Reza Tavassoli

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Are you still using manual entry and relying on paper agendas to remind you of important fleet management details, like Preventive Maintenance check-ups? Or are you having to look for information in so many different places you aren’t sure how they connect? Have you lost a few along the way? In today’s business settings, everyone has many more tasks to attend to, and some things will slip through the cracks when we don’t use some simple tools to help us along. For instance, advanced fleet maintenance software (e.g. SM2- Maintain) and GPS tracking data have replaced the manual and time-consuming processes traditionally associated with managing your fleet maintenance. Since most of the other areas of fleet management are automated under your Fleet Management System software (FMS), automation should also be part of your maintenance management program.

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The critical differentiation among most fleet management and maintenance software with or without GPS tracking data is the degree to which its components, such as automated odometer readings, are fully integrated. Following the example of odometer readings, stand-alone fleet maintenance software usually does not automatically capture odometer values without communicating with a third-party asset tracking platform to capture mileage or run time. It is advisable to work with a GPS tracking provider with good maintenance software built into the platform or compatible with one.

However, to fully automate the process and simplify things, it would be best to use one platform to get the job done. A fully integrated FMS will include modules to manage fuel, maintenance, locations, and security under one platform and include all the peripherals needed to track asset operational data automatically and in real time. It is always best to use a single platform with a single interface and a single database to maintain and manage. 


Keeping everything under one roof saves time in many ways, including giving you one system that seamlessly and accurately shares data between its modules and has the extra bonus of eliminating the need for dealing with compatibility between multiple suppliers. And, let’s be honest, how many times has one supplier blamed another for the problems you are experiencing? You are the only one paying for that problem.Red string tied on an index finger for a Reminder

Regarding our maintenance example, few GPS tracking software providers have an integrated maintenance component beyond basic notifications of upcoming recalls. The rest of it, like managing work orders, parts, and labor is usually handled by another system. Going with a truly integrated solution that makes full vehicle maintenance management as easy as clicking a button is a great time saver. With fleet maintenance reports, see all upcoming, due, or overdue vehicles for maintenance to prioritize recalls and jobs properly. You can schedule and set reminders to alert the appropriate personnel on any vehicle’s maintenance appointments. Now imagine how much easier this will be when all the aspects of your fleet management are quickly and seamlessly at your fingertips because you use a fully integrated FMS.


Having a vehicle break down on the job due to overlooked maintenance is costly and can also put your drivers and the public in danger. This will undoubtedly lead to expensive repairs, more overtime mechanics to pay, and potential legal and insurance expenses. Using asset tracking software to track engine data until the next service will help avoid the costly aftermath of a vehicle breakdown.

Having an AVL or automatic vehicle locator (e.g. SM2 - Locate) as part of your FMS covers much more. This allows you to stay on top of your whole fleet, eliminate unnecessary expenses, better protect your drivers and potential customers, and improve your bottom line. We know you understand the importance of efficient fleet maintenance in the optimization of fleet operations, so why not make it as simple as possible for yourself by consolidating your FMS under one program?

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