Get Green to Save Green: FMS in Green Fleet Practices

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 14-Mar-2019 7:11:00 AM

The global construction industry accounts for between 25-40% of the world's carbon emissions from all its gas-guzzling assets. It’s no surprise construction companies are under intense scrutiny over fuel consumption. Increasingly rigid government regulations demand accountability for every drop of fuel that goes into an asset’s tank and how every one of those drops is being spent. Public opinion now plays an equally strong value in sales, and gas-dependent companies need to get green to keep and gain more clients, especially regarding lucrative government contracts. Construction fleet managers are needing to report on behaviors they once took for granted and provide detailed data beyond the amount of fuel purchased. They must know where, how, and why it’s being spent. Traditional manual data collection methods are no longer adequate, and new industry leaders must implement more efficient solutions. The need for accurate reporting tools has become clear, and gas giants like BP are painting perspectives for their customers on the imperative benefits of having automated & integrated fuel management systems like SM2. At Coencorp, we always start with the individual’s unique needs, so let’s start there to illustrate what BP is telling all fuel-consuming industries.

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Topics: construction fuel management, fleet fuel management, going green