The Coencorp Advantage

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 25-Jan-2019 7:30:00 AM
Reza Tavassoli


Ask their customers for the advantages of working with the Coencorp team and you will get
beautiful stories describing the five pillars of the company: Accessibility, Adaptability,
Automation, Accountability, and Amalgamation. These pillars describe much more than the
services and products developed over the past twenty-seven years, they describe the
founders’ values. Moreover, each of these five “A”s have driven their vision since the exciting
call for help from their first and oldest client. It was this client that gave the founders the
opportunity to build everything around their core values: People Centered, Quality Driven,
Adaptability Oriented.People Buy From People They Trust-AdobeStock_109355839



The Tavassoli brothers were focused on being the best engineering service providers available,
because they felt that was where they could realize their dedication to quality programming for
their clients. Their reputations as problem-solvers grew steadily with word-of-mouth
testimonials. The founders loved working hands-on and learning about their clients’ operations
from the people using the equipment. It fostered in them a perspective on creating holistic
solutions that would form the core values of their company.
When the economy turned and some of the smaller clients started fading away, they doubled
their efforts and sought out work as subcontractors in the traditional ways available before the
internet: mailing campaigns, cold-calling leads from trade publications, and knocking on doors.
Of course it worked! The Tavassolis got a call from a small engineering company in Quebec
City who had won two major public tenders that were becoming too great a drain on their
resources and expertise. It started with the engineer liking the Coencorp brochure and asking
for help with a seemingly unsolvable programming challenge at The STCUM (Montreal’s Public
Transit Authority).Car Screeching Start-AdobeStock_195930557

The founders listened to his story, asked questions, fell in love with the challenge, and made a
proposal to fix it. The engineer accepted. The next day our founders were on-site evaluating
systems and learning about the problems from ‘The People’ on the floor: the mechanics, bus
drivers, maintenance engineers, and IT technicians. Through productive months of hands-on
troubleshooting and implementing fixes on the problem laden system, the Tavassolis were
formulating a vision for a more robust and encompassing solution for fuel management system
challenges. They saw the bigger opportunity to help others and fill a need.

When the engineer had to pull out of the contract, the founders did the only thing that felt was
right, they continued working on the solutions for the people they committed to help, even if
they were uncertain of getting paid for it. Their dedication paid off. Like many public tenders it
was guaranteed by a bond and the bondsman now had a contract that could potentially lose
him loads of cash, so he went to the work-site to get an understanding of the situation. All the
employees pointed him to the dedicated Coencorp founder still working onsite. That
conversation turned into a contract with two important conditions: it would be built for the
system users and Coencorp would retain the intellectual property. Thus started the company’s
transition from service provider to a visionary product developer with its first Fuel/Fleet
Management System designed for the Montreal & South-Shore Public Transit Authorities. The
Coencorp work ethic witnessed in this story is repeated in the stories of each additional client
the company serves and remains a core value shared by it’s employees.


Actively listening for the opportunity to answer a need and then making it adaptable and easy
to use across industries. The team members work with the users, building partnerships of
cooperation and collaboration. Together they become a force of growth at each business they
serve. Proudly treating every client as a long-term partner won them a client retention rate of
over 95%. They are dedicated to keeping your business running and do all they can to make
that happen. People Feedback-AdobeStock_193622020


Quality has become way of life at Coencorp. It permeates the products at every level. From the
solution-oriented dedication of the support staff to the mentoring relationships the engineers
have built with them. People always get the first consideration and the customers benefit from
the ultimate experience in user-friendliness. Sit in the room with the technicians and you will
get excited with them when they get any challenge from a client. The founders spread this
motivation throughout the company by sharing their excitement and dedication to getting
ahead of trends and technological changes. The award winning platform, SM2, is seen as one
of the most robust platforms for more than just Fuel & Fleet management, it’s lauded for
access control, geolocation, and preventive maintenance as well.Conference Room Strategy-AdobeStock_104691994

The beauty in actively embracing challenges is they always give you opportunities.
This has allowed Coencorp to build a core platform with adaptable and interrelated modules. It
usually starts with customers sharing their challenges about compatibility between their current
software systems and asking the Coencorp team to perform some magic. Inspired by such
challenges, they strive to provide solutions that end up being good for all potential users. A
little like the kid in the classroom who asks questions the others are too shy to ask, they help
everyone grow. Fleet management now extends well beyond the need of economically
managing the vehicles, it has extended to managing all resources, considering different fuel
sources, and helping human resources remain valuable and safe to the company. Quality-Convenience Quadrants-AdobeStock_68283166


 Integrating all the possible aspects of a business into a resource management platform has
become the output of years of passion and dedication. The basic aspects of fuel management,
preventive maintenance programs, geolocation, and access control are all dependent on the
people using and managing them. The reality of a world where most employees now handle
multiple tasks outside the original parameters of their job descriptions has left employers with
the difficult choice of hoping for multi-talented employees willing to work at a lower rates, or
the possibility of losing quality control by outsourcing services. However, there is another
option and this one lets you increase the value of your employees: automation. The need for
automation doesn’t always mean the replacement of human resources; It implements tools and
systems to help your workers manage the data required in a technologically dependent world,
and frees them to do what they do best. For example, SM2 gives your people a better tool for
becoming more productive; not to replace their purpose. Productivity stays a positive word at


The Coencorp Systems started from the need of a single client and has continuously evolved
to be valuable to a much broader audience. This core value towards growth always has strong
roots in the needs of the users. The vision of continual improvement stems from the founders’
joy and wonderment at figuring out how things work, fixing them when they don’t, and then
figuring out how to make it work better so it never breaks again. The continual addition of
modules customized for their clients’ specific needs fuels the growth of the platform as a
whole. The desire to share it all with every client has taken on a business development aspect
much like a consultant who makes connections across industries for everyone to benefit from.
Their evolution extends into managing other fuel sources and addressing the evolving
challenges of companies and industries. This evolution stretches across both the massive
needs of consolidated corporations and the evolving needs of the entrepreneurial microcorporations.
They love them all. At Coencorp, they choose to both ride the wave and be the
wave. Their advantage is working with you; a true partnership. Group Hands-AdobeStock_182518268