You Do You: The Importance Of Integrated Fleet Management Solutions

Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 7-Feb-2019 7:36:00 AM
Reza Tavassoli
One-Size Fits All vs One-Stop Shop 

The implementation of a fully integrated fleet management system that answers the challenges of a vast diversity of industries and companies needing them is realizable when the supplier builds its system on these strong values: flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and user-focused functionality. Most companies’ needs vary beyond what combination of equipment and assets they own; they include the very human factors of management styles, objectives, and visions. In reality, one-size-fits-all solutions often fail because no two fleets are exactly alike. Your ideal fleet management solution must be built on an equal understanding of the equipment being used and the people who will be using them: the fleet managers and equipment users. Green Paper Boat-AdobeStock_93623955

Here are a few key needs our clients have identified in their industries:

Government, Public Works, and Construction:

  • Automated tracking and control of stationary fleet fueling facilities, mobile fuel tanks & deliveries, and remote tanks & generators,
  • Maintenance bay management
  • Yard access/gates &doors control


  • Tracking fuel during transportation
  • Recording & managing fuel drops at mine sites
  • Remote generator management, including real-time capture of fuel tank levels 
  • Controlling and tracking fueling transactions at fixed and mobile tanks
  • Managing maintenance of various vehicles and equipment (maintenance plans, work orders, parts, labor, etc.)
  • Access control (gates, doors, etc.)

Oil & gas:

  • Automatic, real-time tracking of fuel in transit
  • Automatic, real-time tracking of fuel drops
  • Management and control of fleet fueling facilities, fuel depots, mobile tanks, pumps, remote tanks, and remote generators 
  • Maintenance bay management

Public Transit:

  • Automatically manage distribution of fuel and other fluids at all maintenance bays           
  • Automatically manage inspection bays and lube bays
  • Manage maintenance of vehicles and equipment (work orders, recalls, parts & labor, warranty tracking, etc.)
  • Track buses and passenger count in real-time
  • Control access to facilities and buildings

Private fleets:

  • Automatic fuel management
  • Maintenance & work order management
  • Vehicle tracking and driver’s logs
  • Automatic access control (gates, doors, etc.)

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How Can We All Come Together?

While there are some differences across industries, the two points remain consistent: the data collected must be automatic, real-time, and accurate, and the ability to pull reports on the data must be flexible to the needs of the individual company. Whether operating a refinery, fuel depot, transporting fuel, or providing mobile services in any industry, the cost of fuel, labor, and maintenance are among the highest and, more importantly, these activities are operationally critical.  They need to be managed accurately with full accountability. It has been a major challenge for fleeted organizations in any industry to manage their operations with technologies incapable of providing automated, seamless, and integrated solutions. 

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It has been customary to stitch together components of fleet management systems from different manufacturers, and such practices continue to have adverse effects on the corporate bottom line. Many of our clients came to us with uses stemming from controlling the distribution of fuel at the fuel depot with technologies from one supplier and tracking the entries and exits of fuel trucks using systems from another. This results not only in engaging with multiple vendors, but also the need to learn multiple software applications, have separate support teams and, ultimately, ending up with a non-integrated solution.

There is another way and the solution you need can be under one supplier’s roof. When it comes to providing solutions for their client’s needs, Coencorp does not believe that one size fits all; we thrive on giving the perfect solution to fit each individual sized challenge. 

Coencorp's SM2 isn't just a sophisticated software platform. It uses dedicated hardware peripheral devices  to provide a fully integrated solution. SM2 brings unparalleled management of fuel, maintenance and work orders, AVL & asset tracking, and security & access control. 

One software to learn and one database to use with the highest level of automation to eliminate human data entry errors is what SM2 was designed to do.