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Posted by Reza Tavassoli on 17-May-2021 8:51:41 AM
Reza Tavassoli

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Today I’d like to talk about how you can simplify your fleet life and save money using automated reports.SM2 is a highly advanced integrated fleet management software, but some people in your operation may not need all that. All they need to do their job is some specific data the software can provide. If this is the case, you can use SM2’s automated reports to minimize the number of software users, avoid training all those people, and save the license fees you would otherwise have spent to get additional seats.

More importantly, there may be some reports you’re required, by law, to produce and be able to provide at any time. For instance, you must generate daily fuel reconciliation reports if you own and operate an underground fuel tank. That is, reconciling your fuel drops against your current tank level and fuel dispensed as indicated by your pump totalizers. And let’s be honest: unless your totalizer values and stock inventory are captured automatically one way or another, there is no way you do it every single day. It’s what we’ve seen out there in the real world over the decades, and it lines up with people being… human.

SM2's automated fleet management reports to the rescue.

When you log into the system, you are greeted by that beautiful Dynamic Dashboard, which we discuss here.

When you go to any of the navigation tabs (distribution, for example), you will see a menu item named "reports". When you click it, you are taken to a screen where you can set up different report templates based on the tab selected earlier, fuel distribution in this case.

You can do all the standard report stuff within each template: give a name, define the period, set filters… 

There is a section of that screen called “mailing schedule”. When you enable it, you can choose whether this is a weekly or monthly report. This allows you to have the report automatically generated on the same day(s) and time, and the PDF will be sent to your chosen recipient(s). There is no limit on the number of recipients, they don't require SM2 seat(s) to receive the reports, and they don't even have to be part of the organization. This means that you can automatically send important reports to relevant people outside the company, such as suppliers. 

Automated reports are a great tool; this functionality is available in even the most basic SM2 licenses. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

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